When it comes to purchasing the ideal home, houses may have their appeal, but there's one thing that they lack that a truly incredible apartment building can offer: great amenities. According to research from Apartment Guide, most people searching for apartments today will place more focus on finding the individual amenities that are most likely to deliver the greatest convenience and joy in their day-to-day lives.


What's more, recent studies have shown that the demand for fitness and wellness related amenities are on the rise as people begin to place more importance on their health. Here are some of the top facilities you should consider when you're looking for your new home.

1.     Fitness Center


Why bother wasting time and money on driving to the gym every night when you can have a fitness center right on your doorstep? A fitness centre is one of the most popular amenities for apartment owners today for numerous reasons. Not only do these solutions make it easier to stay fit, but the remove some of the excuses that might prevent you from hitting the gym. There's no reason not to take to the treadmill for half an hour when it's just two minutes away.

2.     Pet-Friendly Homes


Everyone wants a home where they can enjoy moments with their favorite four-legged friends. Countless people searching for an apartment will avoid making an offer if the location they love doesn't allow for pets. While a pet-friendly building is excellent, just make sure that you get the help of a professional cleaning service to remove any lingering smells, stains, or fur before you move into your new space.

3.     Spaces for Socialization


Whether it's a swimming pool or a lobby area where you can unwind after a tough day at work, your apartment building can also be a fantastic social spot. In modern apartments, socialization areas are becoming increasingly popular - and why not? Imagine how fun life would be if you were always just a few short steps away from some of your best friends?

4.     Business Centre


As the lines between work and home life become increasingly blurred, it pays to have a place where you can focus and hold crucial meetings without always having to go into the office. Some of the more sophisticated apartment buildings today are beginning to offer business centers and conference rooms perfect for ambitious individuals who want to make it in the professional world.

5.     Secure Parking


Finally, a safe and convenient off-street parking location is a must-have for apartments today. Some buildings even have gated areas to keep your vehicles protected overnight. Just make sure that if your chosen property has a secured parking area, you let the building know in advance when your moving van is coming. It may also help to reserve an elevator so that your professional moving team can transport your belongings into your property faster. This post was kindly written for us by Micheal Brennan over at Bellhops Movers