Go to Shedd Aquarium on South Loop real estate.For a day out on South Loop real estate, head to Shedd Aquarium. This popular destination houses sea creatures from all over the world, from the Amazon to the Caribbean to the Great Lakes to the Polar seas. If you’ve ever wanted to see a piranha, go to the Amazon rising exhibit. You’ll learn about how to the yearly floods affect both the people and animals that live there. Time a visit to the Caribbean Reef exhibit to coincide with feeding time. A diver will give the animals their meal and be available to answer questions. Kids from residential South Loop properties love the Polar Play Zone. They can dress up as penguins and slide around, then hop in the submarine and go on a deep water exploration. After playtime, check out the polar creatures, like whales and sea otters in the exhibits close by. These are just a few of the exhibits you can explore at Shedd Aquarium.

South Loop Properties are Convenient to the Underwater Experiences

Get more details about the life and habits of some of your favorite creatures at Animal Chats. Held throughout the day, these free events feature a keeper giving a talk on a specific animal. Questions are encouraged. Get a full sensory experience at the 4-D theater. The schedule of films changes regularly. Right now, the theater is screening a film on sharks, coastal predators, and Jim Henson’s fun cartoon Splash and Bubbles. Go to the animal encounters to have a hands-on experience with the sea animals there. Stingray Touch is open mid-May to October, and offers visitors the opportunity to find out how a stingray feels. Several species of starfish make their homes in the touch pool at the Polar Play Zone. Visitors can also learn about a local species of fish, the sturgeon, at the At Home in the Great Lakes exhibit.

Visit Shedd Aquarium to learn more about the exhibits, special events, and ticket options.